The Hybridity of Buddhism

The Hybridity of Buddhism

The articles published in this volume are the result of a three-year project entitled “Practices of Tibetan Buddhism in Taiwan” (2012–2015), funded by the Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation for International Scholarly Exchanges. In an attempt to contribute to the field of the studies on the globalization of religions, this volume adopts the concept of hybridity as the principal model of investigation of the continuities and ruptures in the practices of Tibetan Buddhism, both on a global level and in interaction with the local religious traditions of Taiwanese and Chinese societies. Hybridity helps cultural traditions (the religious and material Tibetan ones) to recruit new adherents (mostly Han) and to be recognized locally, regionally, and globally, as new forms of distinct religiosity emerge. The volume focuses on the agencies at the origin of these hybridities, i.e. the Chinese, Taiwanese or Tibetan masters involved, and examines the strategies they employ in order to position themselves as legitimate masters of Tibetan Buddhism.





Fabienne Jagou


Le bouddhisme tibétain à Taïwan : observations sociologiques préliminaires

Cécile Campergue


Tibetan Buddhist Temples in Taiwan: An Exploration of Transnational Religious Architecture

Sarah E. Fraser


Tibetan Relics in Taiwan: A Link between Past, Present, and Future

Fabienne Jagou


Reformulating the Appropriated and Relinking the Chain: Challenges of Lineage and Legitimacy in Zhenyan Revivalism

Cody R. Bahir


Teaching Tibetan Buddhism in Chinese on behalf of Mañjuśrī: “Great Perfection” (dzokchen / dayuanman 大圓滿) and Related Tantric Practices among Han Chinese and Taiwanese Believers in Sertar and Beyond

Ester Bianchi


The Contemporary Revival of the Barom Kagyü School in Kham

Magdalena Maria Turek


Spirit-Possession: Identities of a Master and the Rise of a Karma Kagyü Monastery in Taiwan

Huang Ying-chieh


The Academic Contributions of Ouyang Wuwei Lama (1913–1991): A Disciple’s Testimony

Hsiao Chin-sung




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